Friday, September 17, 2010

Busy Busier Busiest...

It's our Pre-Final examination.. So all of the student in my college where i go were so damn busy. There's the rushing of projects, practicing, and reviewing. In my own shoes, I'm stress and fed up with loads of school works. I don't even have enough sleep because of this. One thing that makes me really tired and ill is knowing that my ♥ is not around to cheer me up. It is really a stressful month for me. So much things to be done.

1. Creating a shit commercial for my course subject multimedia. It's about a commercial that will endorse our school. I don't know if I can make it until the cut off and that is fucking tomorrow already.

2. I'm also obligated to finish our flow chart and DFD for our thesis.

3. I need also to finish my data base of our billing system, but this is for individual work so no help from my group mates.

this is my database that i need to finish for tomorrow!

All of this 3 is to be check and passed tomorrow. Hate it when I'm on a hurry. Can't focus on them.
Worst is exams are on monday already.. Oh my gosh! Review review! i hate review! it's damn killing me.

It my monthly schedule. I just made it an hour ago.

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