Thursday, September 23, 2010

Damn! i miss him!

i ♥ you!
damn i miss him so badly..
wanna kiss him..
wanna hug him..
wanna be with him..
but i don't know if when will i see him again..
maybe after 5 years. i don't know.. i don't know what will going to happen to us in that 5 years..
damn! life really is unfair some time! maybe this is my KARMA...i hope it's not, because GOD is always there for me..

i took this photo him this morning when we are having a conversation in skype. thanks to technology. we can still communicate to each other.

this are some of our conversation:
him: oi sory j tatay ahh na bwicit nk lng j kunam nga "sure ka????????" sa pylng nagado ????????????????????? ksta na
me: wen sorry met.. sika met ngamin tila adda ibagbagam nga ingka agsarak sabalin kunam..
him: joke dj kt su met babgam knyak idi dta...padas q lng knyam... ;(
me: nabigla nak ngarud sa paylng nakitang nga single ti nakaipan j status mo

him: sory talga ah ivyang q
me: wen rentong.. dmo ngarud ululitenen ah promise!
him:aman ahh...hehe joke
me: ninam met!
him: joke lng kunak ker
pagsawan nk manen
me: sorry.. promise kunam pay ah
him: promise,,,ngm nu aglalaki ka,,ay uray kitam agawid nk dta tagbatek ta sakam!!!
me: haan nga mangyari deta.. PROMISE!

last message from him..
him: sory about last night there, i know u ddnt sleep well cus of the pain [1:00am in philadelphia]

after that, maybe he fall as sleep.. poor thing!
he don't even say i love you.. so said! but atleast we are ok..

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