Tuesday, September 21, 2010

goodbye my precious bonni..

Been upset the whole day.! so sad that every time it will come up on my mind
that she's gone... I've been with her for 17 months. it was giving by my only love. when i first saw her, she was so precious, so white and so adorable. i love handling her. having her in my lap all the time. i was really sad to see her laying there without a life. so hurtful to remember those days i saw her on her house. she was so alone, no one to held her to love and care for her. so hard to know that she is so said on that house of steel. cold at night and extremely heat outside.

i dug her own grave. it was a nice sunny day, flashing sunlight on my face, then i remember her..
i went out to see her. so hurted on the scene. i went at the backyard to find the shovel..then i find myself busy digging.
those roots of the coconut tree makes it hard to reach deep. to think that i will put her on this hole is savagely crashing my heart.

the last thing i knew, i was holding her for the last time. putting her on the deep rooty hole on the ground.
and i had to glance at her face for the last time thinking the times that i was playing and holding her... hugging and adoring her!

GOODBYE my dear friend. you are now at the kingdom of our creator.

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