Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Missing you so much..

i've been adjusting myself lately because my one and only... has already in the other side of the earth. he and his brother move to Philadelphia because of the petition of their parents that already there.. i was so upset that i could even go to school for 3 days. I've been crying since the day that we were together (last September 08, 2010). i don't know what would happened to us. i don't know if we can still make it until the day he'll arrive here (Philippines) . but i keep believing that he'll be coming home to me. i hoping that he will not find somebody else there..

anyway is the photo i snap when we had our first video chat together (last september 13, 2010).
in his room.! =D

on their basement.. =]

the third photo is so blurred so i can't upload it.. my cam is not working also so.. so it really sucks cause i just bought it yesterday.. by the way, right now we are video chatting at Skype.. yay! so happy again..

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