Tuesday, September 28, 2010

off to another town

Went to metro vigan yesterday with my mom. damn it was really exhausted that i couldn't even visit my blog. we went there to file the papers to change my mother's first name. because my mother is going to migrate to US if she got to finish all the requirements in time. well i hope she''ll finish it all. my mom is always saying that she'll give up in this because there's a lot of stuff to be left behind if she would be able to migrate to USA, like us, me and my siblings, her work here ( she's a sanitary engineer in a government office), our house and a lot more. it's really hard for her to just left this all behind, but this is only once in a life time so why waste it.? i always tell mom to just go for it to experience going to another country. if i were my mother i'll be so thankful that i could go to another country, because sometimes it's really lame living in here. so help us GOD!

i'm sleepy! =)

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