Saturday, October 30, 2010


sadness! loneliness!
these are the primary signs of depression and being down.
today is the saddest day ever.
my boyfriend and i had a huge fight. i thought were going to make this and able to fix it, but we end up splitting up. he said it's over! he said i don't want this anymore! he said, I'm full.! i waited till he spit that out because it is more hurtful for me to say it first so i let him do it! i don't care what people say anymore. i'm also full. i'm really tired of him. tire of understanding him. tired of this relationship.
he can't hold our relationship, he is selfish and immature that's why we ended up like this.
it's really hard having a long distance relationship. well, we ended up only here, we did not make it until the end.
i don't know what's going to happen next. but i hope that he'll come up and realize the things I've done for him.
i'm so thankful that i have my true friends and my family who stick with me. they always there for me. they gave me hope and advices. thanks to them.! i hope and pray that i can move on now, it's really hard for me because we are dating for almost 4 yrs now. i know that there's a reason why GOD gave me this challenges.


Friday, October 29, 2010


Gone crazy on stripes.. so since then every time i saw clothes which are stripes particularly black and white, i got hitch to it.. i bought this on a thrift store and i was amaze that i can pair it to almost anything..

i wear this outfit at a house party with my friends. it went really cool and awesome. i saw also my old classmates, who had stop because of financial problems. I never thought that they were so cool and nice because, back when we are still classmates they are silent and we almost not talking to each other.. so i can say it was the best night ever.. looking forward for the coming parties.. =D

Saturday, October 23, 2010

semester break..

it's been a few days since i haven't post on my blog cause a lot of things to done.. but today is the day that the 1st semester end. I'm so looking forward for the break and the things will coming in this break. But i can feel the boredom of this semester break already.
I want to have a job. God! my mom let me pay this internet fees but i don't have a job yet. she is forcing me to go to baguio city to find a job. she want me to apply at a call center and transfer also there but i said " i really want to, but it's really hard to adjust and make new friends again plus the risk." maybe i can't make it there. if she only said it a little early when i was a freshman student i dying to go there and start a new life.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finally it's fuckin Finals!!!!

It's our finals and tomorrow is the start of our examinations. damn even if i'm so tied up with a lot of work and projects. i got to atleast post in my blog.

i made this picture i think a month ago and I've decided to make it as my page layout and design in our IT Magazine. I just run down some edits and insert some stuff about myself. It is a project for one of our course subject.

Studying is so fucking hard. !! Sometimes, i get to the point that i'm gonna crash and stop going to school. But my conscience fight the bad side of it, because it's for my future.

well, well! got to go now.. i have a lot of things to do..
REVIEW.... PROJECTS need to be finish!!!
GOD help me and guide me!

♥ ivy

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

shocking pink ~ my lucky color of the day?


i woke up early this morning to check on the status of the typhoon here so i've watch the news on TV. when i was browsing for the news channel i ran at a channel which they are telling horoscope of the day. the thing is it was my sign they are talking about. it was pieces, they said that my lucky number was 5 and my lucky color is shocking pink ( laughs!). i never heard such color like shocking pink.. (burst in laughter!!) so much for that, as my look i got an idea from my lucky color in my horoscope that i just watched on the TV. The Dorothy Perkins hot pink instantly got on my mind. i choose to wear it with my white basic tank top, dark denim jeans from Jag, and my bag which is from Gan son given by my mom, to finish my outfit i choose this cute golden heart shaped necklace.. Sweet!!

At school i got pissed, although the horoscope said that pink is my color today. it wasn't even fight the bad luck away. my dean in my college did not sign my clearance because I'm an officer meaning, we will be the last one to be signed! godamn! i hate being an officer, at the first place i don't even deserve to be one. the shitty part was they are wanting me also to pay my balance. gaddd!! i thought i did skip that out.. (how i wish!) so i guess I'm gonna try my luck again for tomorrow.



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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

floral scent

my latest look on chictopia

this style is almost out of the fashion because it's already fall in the western hemisphere and eastern hemisphere. but in tropical countries like Philippines, it is almost sunny weather in the whole year beside having a monsoon. so people here can wear any style they want as long as they can carry that trend. the typical trend are the basics. basic jeans and shirt plus a sneaker or a comfortable shoes. the great thing about the weather is you can go anywhere; at the beach, at the fields, have a picnic..etc.. there's a lot of fun under the sun despite from the tremendous heat of the sun.

as my look, i wore this beautiful vintage floral dress which i bought in a boutique. i was fascinated by the detailed floral (small and colorful). the purse, did also catch my attention when me and my friend where wandering around the mall. when i saw it, i instantly bought it. i love the studs and the color of it. as my flip flops, i wasn't going to buy this but my friend insisted that i should buy one because she'll buy one also.. so there's no turning back. it's cute though, because there a diamante on the front top of it that makes it cool.

♥ ivy

Monday, October 11, 2010

my latest look

it was taken by: faye(my friend)
enhance/edited by: me

i'm loving this look of mine.. this was taken during our intramural last October 4 to 6, 2010.. that day was so extremely hot, but i got to use this long sleeves to cover up from the aching rays of the sun. at that day we had so much fun. me and my friends got to watch the girls playing volleyball and whoa! that was trilling because its was my team(yellow) versus green team. i cheered so loud for them even though we wasn't able to win at that game. but in the end the yellow team (my team) was the over all champion! wow! =D

Friday, October 8, 2010

gone shopping!

i wasn't able to write for a long time because i got a lot of things to lately. my friend faye and i went out. there's no electricity around the city so we had no classes last Thursday. so we ended up crashing at the mall. we went shopping! =D yay! although i was so pissed with my boyfriend because i had a fight to him. so i gave myself a time not to think about the argument between me and my boyfriend. (damn i hate him so much!) well enough about that asshole, here is the things i bought last Thursday: brown cute vintage bag and bronze/gray studded flip flops..
(damn i can't upload pictures.)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

my soul is into music!

I've been having troubles in a lot of things lately, from good to worst, but i ain't forget to update my playlist. it makes me feel relax. anyway this are my latest top five favorite songs that i wanna listen to..

from the movie SUCK. i've already watched this. it's cool!
1. the winners - i'm coming to get you
2. the winners - going nowhere

isn't she pretty! i adore her..
3. katy perry - teenage dream
4. katy perry - thinking of you

ahh! paramore~ i've been addicted to their music,
like i have a bulk of their songs from their previous albums in my computer, but that was years ago.
i really like halley williams.

5. paramore - the only exception

Saturday, October 2, 2010

life ain't easy

haven't visited my blog lately.. a lot of conflicts and works had to be done this past few days. i was stress, upset, tired, pressure and everything. stress because of a lot of work in school. projects, proposals, videos worst is the previous exams we had at sc;ool that reallyumade it pain inuthe ass. upset because of my love life. my long-time-relationship boyfriend is really away from me literally. he is half way across the earth. i don't know if when will i see him again. the shitty thing that really makes me feel upset was I wasn't in his future plans. it's really hard for me to accept that. i just pretend to be strong, strong enough to face my family and my friends and people around me. i don't know if i can still make this. a lot of things is in my mind right now. like, is he cheating on me? does he really loves me? God help on this! can't get over him! damn i hate him! im really tired in my life cause, im tired of doing this everyday routine, like sleep, wake up in the morning, go to school, see my friends, go eat outside with my friends, wait for the next class, listen to the boring discussion of our new instructor, go home, tend the store, open my networking accounts...etc.! none of this is new, none of it! sick and tired in here wanna go to other places! but i know that i can't. pressured! pressured at school because of damn competitions between my classmates, peer pressure.. what a shit! everything is a crap! im always not in the mood for anything since he migrate to a foreign country. what should i do now! HELP ME GOD..!

i want something new, i want something fresh in my life.. there no spice in my life right now.. and yet i haven't found the happiness that others has it already! i hope this life i have will get better soon.. i really hope!