Saturday, October 30, 2010


sadness! loneliness!
these are the primary signs of depression and being down.
today is the saddest day ever.
my boyfriend and i had a huge fight. i thought were going to make this and able to fix it, but we end up splitting up. he said it's over! he said i don't want this anymore! he said, I'm full.! i waited till he spit that out because it is more hurtful for me to say it first so i let him do it! i don't care what people say anymore. i'm also full. i'm really tired of him. tire of understanding him. tired of this relationship.
he can't hold our relationship, he is selfish and immature that's why we ended up like this.
it's really hard having a long distance relationship. well, we ended up only here, we did not make it until the end.
i don't know what's going to happen next. but i hope that he'll come up and realize the things I've done for him.
i'm so thankful that i have my true friends and my family who stick with me. they always there for me. they gave me hope and advices. thanks to them.! i hope and pray that i can move on now, it's really hard for me because we are dating for almost 4 yrs now. i know that there's a reason why GOD gave me this challenges.


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