Wednesday, October 13, 2010

floral scent

my latest look on chictopia

this style is almost out of the fashion because it's already fall in the western hemisphere and eastern hemisphere. but in tropical countries like Philippines, it is almost sunny weather in the whole year beside having a monsoon. so people here can wear any style they want as long as they can carry that trend. the typical trend are the basics. basic jeans and shirt plus a sneaker or a comfortable shoes. the great thing about the weather is you can go anywhere; at the beach, at the fields, have a picnic..etc.. there's a lot of fun under the sun despite from the tremendous heat of the sun.

as my look, i wore this beautiful vintage floral dress which i bought in a boutique. i was fascinated by the detailed floral (small and colorful). the purse, did also catch my attention when me and my friend where wandering around the mall. when i saw it, i instantly bought it. i love the studs and the color of it. as my flip flops, i wasn't going to buy this but my friend insisted that i should buy one because she'll buy one also.. so there's no turning back. it's cute though, because there a diamante on the front top of it that makes it cool.

♥ ivy

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