Tuesday, October 19, 2010

shocking pink ~ my lucky color of the day?


i woke up early this morning to check on the status of the typhoon here so i've watch the news on TV. when i was browsing for the news channel i ran at a channel which they are telling horoscope of the day. the thing is it was my sign they are talking about. it was pieces, they said that my lucky number was 5 and my lucky color is shocking pink ( laughs!). i never heard such color like shocking pink.. (burst in laughter!!) so much for that, as my look i got an idea from my lucky color in my horoscope that i just watched on the TV. The Dorothy Perkins hot pink instantly got on my mind. i choose to wear it with my white basic tank top, dark denim jeans from Jag, and my bag which is from Gan son given by my mom, to finish my outfit i choose this cute golden heart shaped necklace.. Sweet!!

At school i got pissed, although the horoscope said that pink is my color today. it wasn't even fight the bad luck away. my dean in my college did not sign my clearance because I'm an officer meaning, we will be the last one to be signed! godamn! i hate being an officer, at the first place i don't even deserve to be one. the shitty part was they are wanting me also to pay my balance. gaddd!! i thought i did skip that out.. (how i wish!) so i guess I'm gonna try my luck again for tomorrow.



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