Wednesday, November 17, 2010


the process of cooking the larvae..
this is where we harvest the larvae from the dead trunk of the coconut tree

my sister, she wanna experience getting some of the larvae..

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the actual beetle larvae..


scrumptious !!!

It is really exotic..
here in the Philippines, this beetle larvae is an exotic delicacy.. Filipinos known for the curiosity when it comes to food. Filipinos, has different taste in food. like this larvae, they are making it as a "pulutan" or food paired with drinks ( liquor).

we harvest this young pupa from the trunk of a dead coconut tree. there's a lot of it.. i was shock to see them like that. it so big.. i was shouting when my brother run after me with a big larva thingy on his hand.. i came shouting all over the place.. gosh! i was kinda disgusted.. hahah! LOL.. after that, my cousin prepared them. he discard the black thing inside the pupa which is the waste of it.. then he washed it, after that he boiled them.. as soon as the larvae is totally clean and boiled, my brother made it as a ADOBO.. he added garlic and soy sauce.. you can smell the garlic mixed with the soy sauce. the aromatic smell makes me feel hungry at that time.. but i did not have the chance taste the poor larvae.. i pity them..

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