Thursday, January 30, 2014

9 Piece

I'm listening to this song by Rick Ross - 9 Piece. This sh*t is dope yo!! Haha! I don't stick on one genre of music, so today I just like to listen to hip-hop. This song is continuously playing and repeating on my iPod for a half  hour now. lol! I'm not a fan of Rick Ross nor lil wayne but I got addicted to this for such a short time. But you know this is for now, maybe tomorrow or next week or whatever,  I will  be listening to another song for sure. Well now, I will just enjoy this song until I had enough to it. (Damn can't concentrate on makin a post, because my earphones are still glued on my ears.)

While I'm listening to this, I can picture myself driving on my car and the stereo is turned on to full blast. I cannot even here any other noise except this. LOL!

Here is my favorite line:
I'm smokin' dope
I'm on my cell phone
I'm selling dope, straight off the iphone
He wanna qoute, he talking 9 zones
He bought four, I front him 5 more
9 piece, straight 8 balls
MJG bitch i got 8 balls
9 piece, straight 8 balls
MJG bitch i got 8 balls

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