Monday, January 20, 2014

Piece of me...

 Yours truly
these are just random facts about me. shall we start :

I DO NOT wear make up at all - I prefer au naturel, because if you are really beautiful you don't need to wear make up. Maybe a little..(smiles)

I occasionally wear heels - I really love high heels, but the funny thing is I rarely wear them. It kinda hurts and I don't feel comfortable. You can always see me wearing my in flats or sneakers.

I want to Travel - I really really want to travel. someday I'll go visit the famous Eiffel tower in Paris or i'll eat spaghetti in a nice restaurant in Italy.

I want to become a doctor - it sucks to know that I'm getting older. this is the only time that i got an interested in the of medicine, specifically i want to become an ob-gynecologist. i begin appreciating ob-gynecologist because recently gave birth and i have seen how they monitor the baby inside me. they also make sure that im perfectly fine all the way.( and my medical practitioner was very caring and really putting a lot of her efforts for her patients). Its kinda late for me to be one now.?

I got a sweet tooth - cakes, chocolates(mars,butterfinger,tovlerone,m&ms..etc.), jelly beans, chewy candies, ice cream (specially strawberry flavor), our local delicasies for meryenda/snacks (ginetaan, kamote que...etc) so so into them.

Simple things - even though it's the simplest thing that I accomplished it will surely make me the happiest person on earth. (laughs) well, I love simple things it makes me feel that i'm a human being, who is living in an ordinary and simple life.

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